5 User Presentations to attend at the Esri DevSummit in 2022

As you plan your team’s time at the ESRI DevSummit 2022, be sure to mark your calendars with our presenter lineup! 

Kicking things off on March 9th from 2:30-3PM PST join owner and CEO, Mara Stoica, for “Simplify Your Complex Survey123 Forms with JavaScript.” In this session, she will show you how to replace those complex, multiline formulas in Survey123 Connect with JavaScript to simplify your forms, as well as your life.

Then on March 10th, join CTO and founder, Christopher Moravec from 2:30-3:00PM PST for “A New Atelerix- Building a Spatial Processing and Reporting Programming Language”. During this session, Christopher will be debating the complexities in building a programming language, and how Atelerix continues to evolve throughout the years to adapt to new needs. Christopher will also be leading “When Does Config Become Code?” from 3:15-3:45PM PST. In “When Does Config Become Code?” Christopher posits that as configuration files become more and more complex, Domain-Specific-Languages offer a powerful alternative, while also presenting solutions in keeping files secure.

To round off our week at the ESRI DevSummit 2022, Dymaptic GIS developer, Jessica Lott, will be delivering “Geodatabase Management: Versioning” on March 10, from 4-4:30PM PST. She will be going over the purpose of versioning within a geodatabase, and how it can be useful in ensuring there are no unwanted updates within a production geodatabase. Then join us again from 4:45-5:15PM PST for Jessica’s presentation on “Using ModelBuilder and ArcPy to Create Automation Tasks in ArcPro”. In this session, she will show you how to utilize ArcPy and ModelBuilder in ArcPro to construct powerful automated tools and share them with others in your organization.

Photos by Antenna and Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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