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In-Depth GIS Assessment


Experience our thorough, personalized deep-dive into your organization’s GIS resources and infrastructure with our In-Depth GIS Analysis service. This comprehensive assessment designed with a strategic roadmap of best practices will profoundly enhance your operational efficiency and set the course for sustainable growth.

Our GIS professionals start with a detailed understanding of your architecture, examining desktops, servers, databases, file shares, and networks. This forms the foundation of your GIS system. This initial step ensures we have a holistic view of all components working together before diving into specifics.

From this point, we delve into the specifics of your GIS usage and management: how you publish layers, the functionality of your enterprise GeoDatabase, your use of ArcGIS Online, and your deployment of public applications. Our objective is to fully understand your current operations to maximize efficiency and simplify your workflow.

Understanding ‘the what’ is essential, but it’s ‘the why’ that truly matters. This leads us to explore your GIS’s intended applications. We learn your organizational needs, your goals, and how your current GIS infrastructure is, and isn’t, helping you get there.

The subsequent steps involve detailing your short and long term GIS strategies. Are there additional ArcGIS products you’ve considered trying? Do you have upcoming projects where GIS can make a valuable contribution? Tools like Survey123, an economical data collection solution, can replace other expensive and less flexible solutions even when not collecting GIS data. It is our aim to ensure you get as much value as possible from your investment in GIS.

Following the exploratory stage, we condense our insights and suggestions into a comprehensive report. This includes precise documentation of your existing systems, potential enhancements, and new directions to explore. From operational enhancements like system updates to strategic initiatives like system integrations, we outline both immediate and future steps. Our commitment to your GIS journey goes beyond this report, with our team of GIS experts ready to assist you as needed.

Come get to know us and collaborate with our team of GIS experts and turn your GIS into a dynamic instrument that propels your organization forward.

Common Discussion Topics:

Detailed Review of ArcGIS Enterprise Setup: Examination of your current configuration to determine how well it aligns with your business objectives.

Thorough Server Architecture Examination: Our experts will take an in-depth look into your server setup and layout ensuring optimum performance.

Existing Uses of ArcGIS Assessment: We discuss and evaluate your current utilization of ArcGIS, identifying where improvements can be made or new features can be capitalized on.

GIS Mapping and Data Layers Evaluation: A comprehensive review of your GIS data layers and mapping capabilities.

Database Size, Capacity and Health Evaluation: A thorough analysis of your GIS database health to ensure optimal performance.

Spatial Data Management & Security Review: Learn how you can secure, manage, and manipulate your spatial data more efficiently.

Performance and Functionality Assessments: Evaluate your current system’s performance and functionality, identifying improvement areas.

User Requirements and Functionalities Discussion: Understand and meet your users’ needs effectively with tailored GIS functionalities.

System Compatibility and Integration Review: Analyze how your GIS can be better integrated and be compatible with other systems.

Software Utilization and Licensing Evaluation: Review your current software licenses holistically and provide best practices for enhanced utilization.

Future GIS Strategies and Opportunities Discussion: We’ll help your organization discover and embark on potential GIS-related opportunities and aid in forward planning.

GIS Training and Development Needs: Learn where you can upskill your team’s abilities to leverage GIS technology for your business objectives.

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