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With our complimentary ArcGIS assessment service, we offer a unique opportunity to upgrade your geospatial experiences. Our team of qualified GIS consultants will conduct a brief but comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s GIS resources and infrastructure. The aim of this robust review is to quickly pinpoint and discuss any potential issues or areas needing improvement in your current ArcGIS setup. We do this by getting on a video call with you to talk through your existing configuration, addressing any concerns you might have, and discussing your future aspirations.

Though our Introductory GIS Assessment remains brief, it addresses key topics of general interest. We then compile a summary report, indicating potential changes, best practices, and ArcGIS tools that could streamline your process and upgrade your ArcGIS utilization. This assessment process is designed to be concise yet insightful, making your time spent with us both efficient and meaningful.

However, if you desire a more in-depth evaluation, we offer an option to convert your Introductory Assessment into a full assessment. This would involve more extensive discussions and a detailed overview of your current configuration and future plans. For more details, see our In-depth GIS Assessment Listing.


Topics of Discussion

ArcGIS Enterprise Configuration Review: We’ll conduct a high-level review of your enterprise setup, focusing on the accuracy and efficiency of configurations. 

Server Architecture Layout Discussion: We’ll discuss your server’s layout to identify potential areas of concern that could impact performance.

GIS Mapping and Data Layers Overview: A quick glance at your GIS data layers and mapping capabilities to provide insight into potential improvements.

Basic Performance Assessment: A quick check on your current system’s performance, identifying areas that may be slowing you down.

User Requirements and Functionalities Chat: A brief chat about how your organization uses ArcGIS, the features used most, and any user feedback that can help improve your GIS experiences.

Future GIS Strategies and Opportunities Conversation: Brief discussion on potential GIS opportunities, upgrades, or rollouts that your organization may be considering.

Benefits of a GIS assessment:

  • Identify potential problems or gaps in the system
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Understand the needs of GIS users
  • Determine if the existing system is being used to its full potential
  • Identify potential issues with data quality and accuracy
  • Identify ways to improve data management practices
  • Find opportunities for integration with other systems or technologies
  • Inform long-term planning and decision-making
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