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Migration of ArcMap Add-Ins to ArcGIS Pro


Are you looking to migrate your custom developed ArcMap Add-Ins to ArcGIS Pro? Our specialized service is tailored to assist organizations in this intricate migration process. We understand that some ArcMap Add-Ins may require a complete overhaul to seamlessly transition into the ArcGIS Pro environment. Our service covers the following essential steps:
Needs Assessment: Our engagement begins with a detailed assessment of your existing ArcMap Add-Ins and a thorough discussion of your migration objectives and requirements. We work closely with your team to ensure a clear understanding of your GIS workflow and functionalities.
Code Migration: Our expert developers undertake a comprehensive code transformation of your ArcMap Add-Ins, adapting them to align seamlessly with the architecture and standards of ArcGIS Pro. This process ensures that your Add-Ins fully harness the capabilities and enhancements offered by ArcGIS Pro, making them compatible and optimized for the new environment.
Data Migration: We ensure a smooth transition of your associated data to ArcGIS Pro, meticulously addressing data compatibility, format conversion, and data validation to minimize any migration-related disruptions.
UI and User Experience Enhancement: The ArcGIS Pro interface offers a modern and intuitive user experience. We redesign the user interface of your Add-Ins to seamlessly integrate with ArcGIS Pro’s interface, enhancing user-friendliness and efficiency.
Testing and Quality Assurance: Thorough testing is a crucial phase in our migration process. We conduct extensive testing to ensure that your ArcGIS Pro Add-Ins function flawlessly, meeting your business requirements. This includes compatibility testing, performance testing, and user acceptance testing.
Documentation and Training: We provide comprehensive documentation for your ArcGIS Pro Add-Ins, including user manuals and developer documentation. Additionally, if required, we offer training sessions to ensure your team can effectively use and maintain the newly written Add-Ins.
Deployment Assistance: Our support extends to deploying your ArcGIS Pro Add-Ins within your organization’s environment. We ensure a seamless transition and minimal disruption to your GIS operations during the deployment process.
Ongoing Support and Maintenance: We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to address any issues, updates, or enhancements required for your ArcGIS Pro Add-Ins, ensuring their continued functionality and relevance.

Complete Migration: Achieve a full migration to ArcGIS Pro with a new codebase tailored to the new environment.

Optimized Performance: Leverage the latest ArcGIS Pro features for enhanced performance.

Data Integrity: Safeguard the integrity of your GIS data throughout the migration.

Expert Guidance: Rely on the expertise of our experienced GIS developers and consultants.

Customization: Tailor the migration to meet your specific business needs.

Minimal Disruption: Minimize downtime and disruptions to your GIS workflows.

Embrace the power of ArcGIS Pro with confidence, knowing that your Add-Ins have been expertly adapted to seamlessly integrate with the new platform. Contact us today to discuss your ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro Add-In migration needs and ensure a successful transition.
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