Complimentary GIS Assessment

A comprehensive GIS assessment is an essential part of maintaining a high-quality, effective GIS system. It is a required task to fully understand the capabilities and limitations of a GIS.

Benefits of a GIS assessment:

  • identify potential problems or gaps in the system
  • identify areas of improvement
  • understand the needs of GIS users
  • determine if the existing system is being used to its full potential
  • identify potential issues with data quality and accuracy
  • identify ways to improve data management practices
  • find opportunities for integration with other systems or technologies
  • inform long-term planning and decision-making

To get you started on the path to a healthy GIS, dymaptic offers a complimentary GIS assessment to all new clients. This totally FREE assessment is comprised of a web meeting with dymaptic GIS experts not to exceed 3 hours and a summary report. Additionally, we can perform a more in-depth assessment at a cost which can be applied to your first project with dymaptic.

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