As developers we want to provide tools to help other developers and contribute to the open source software world that we leverage all the time. Over time we are hoping these contributions will grow.

Through working with our customers we continuously see a need to make it easier to make reports for ArcGIS and Spatial data, so we've been diligently working on infomaptic, a reporting tool that is focused on making it easier to produce reports from spatial data.  This tool is focused on allowing you to quickly and efficiently build reports from data and share them with people within your organization. Infomaptic will be available to everyone soon, so let us know if you want to see a sneak peek!


After years of facing limitations creating understandable data reports from spatial data, our team has created the solution. Infomaptic is a custom reports generator that accepts input from ArcGIS feature layers and many other sources. Using our custom web reporting solution, our clients have been able to create on demand reports from their spatial data. No longer do they have to present upper management with a map and a separate report to go along. Now they can use their ArcGIS Online, Portal or Enterprise endpoints directly to create rich reports that include formatted data, maps, graphs, charts, and even picture attachments.

Open Source Tools gives you an easy way to do some common GeoDev tasks. For example, retrieving the lat/long coordinates of a location in multiple coordinate systems, or getting the extent of a map. The coordinates are delivered in JSON format.


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GIS Data Utilities 

The GIS Data Utilities created by dymaptic is a set of evolving scripts that facilitate managing GIS data. The repository contains python scripts to help with managing a geodatabase. These scripts are especially useful during the initial phases of development when the database schema can change. Using CSV files as input, you can create feature classes, standalone tables and relationships. 


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