Jackson Carter

AI chatbot from Dymaptic

The AI chatbot from Dymaptic created to revolutionize your ArcGIS Pro experience. With a focus on fun and innovation, Jackson is a user-friendly tool designed to assist you in writing Arcade expressions for popups effortlessly.

Why Jackson Carter?

Arcade is an amazing, expressive language with so many functions that its hard to remember what is what!

So we created Jackson Carter so that you can start with natural language like “Count the number of trees within 75 feet” and get a Popup Arcade Expression in just a few seconds, like this:

The future of spatial data just got even smarter!

Chat Interface

Ask questions in natural language means less code for you to write yourself.

Direct Integration with ArcGIS Pro

Has awareness of your layers and your schemas so that the code generated isn’t just an example. 

Simple Installation

As an ArcGIS Pro Plugin, you just add it and go, no complex setups or API keys to configure.

Chatbot for Arcade that runs right in ArcGIS Pro!

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