Press Release: Woman-owned GIS service provider Dymaptic is now Esri Silver Partner

AUSTIN, TX – For immediate release.

Esri, the global market leader in GIS and creator of the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software, ArcGIS, recently appointed Dymaptic an Esri Silver Partner.

Dymaptic, an innovative and woman-owned GIS services provider, offers web and mobile solutions; desktop app development; database design and deployment; custom widget implementation; and server, database, and GIS configuration and administration. The company was previously an Esri Start-up Partner. As such, in addition to their work with Esri customers, Dymaptic provided Esri with extensive beta testing of its products. In 2020, despite the pandemic, the company continued to excel and expand, earning the honor of being named Esri Silver Partner.   

In response to being elevated to an Esri Silver Partner, majority owner and CEO Mara Stoica says she is, “ecstatic for the company and our amazing team. This honor is a testament to our commitment of offering market-leading and custom GIS solutions to our customers. And, it’s going to help us provide even better services in the future.” To Ms. Stoica’s knowledge, Dymaptic is the only woman-owned GIS development company with more than 50 percent women engineering staff, which, she says, “is something we value and are incredibly proud of.”

Upon hearing of Dymaptic’s success, City of Houston Public Works GIS Manager Anthony Powell was not surprised. As one of the company’s major customers, the City of Houston Public Works have repeatedly benefitted from Dymaptic’s expertise, adaptability, and expeditiousness. “Each time,” Mr. Powell says, “they have surpassed my expectations, and it’s been a joy working with them.”

Dymaptic is based out of Portland, OR, but has a presence in multiple states and works towards local, regional, national, and international markets. In addition to their established services, the company develops off-the-shelf products, and is currently in the final stages of developing a modern web app that generates beautiful, real-time reports from ArcGIS. Ms. Stoica says that the forthcoming release of “infomaptic” will revolutionize the visualization and presentation of ArcGIS data. She encourages us to keep our eyes peeled for more information.      

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